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There are at times certain situations in life when a person wishes to change his or her identity. There can be many reasons for that like a bad past, a disturbed marriage, danger from a harassing power and so on. Well, changing your identity and starting a new life is a common thing in books and movies. But is it possible in real life scenario? Well, the answer is a big NO. It is not possible to erase your identity completely, unless the government does it for youChanging your name legally is possible and so does your Social Security number (SSN) under certain circumstances. But even if you do change your name and SSN, there will be some records that link the new identity of yours to the old one. There is also a risk associated with changing your identity completely. So, you cannot change your identity completely but you can do it to some extent. 


In case, you still want to change your identity you can start with changing your name along with some more officially-issued ID documents like a new birth certificate, drivers license, social security number, social security card, a new passport and even some major credit cards. But before you start thinking about changing your identity, you must bear in mind that you can’t do it to escape creditors, avoid child support or alimony or conceal a criminal past. Because many records are computerized, your new identity will be cross-referenced to your old one.


Inform the Law: It is important to follow a legal way when you decide to change your identity completely. You can approach the government authorities and convince law enforcement that your life will be in danger unless you are given a new identity. The Government offers their help to protected witnesses and abused spouses to assume new identities. You can also ask the government for necessary assistance in getting a new identity for yourself. When informing the Government, you need to provide two references of good character, by unrelated people. This is to ensure that you are changing your name and identity for good reasons, rather than to avoid legal issues, or to stir them up.


Make Necessary Changes: Now it is time to have a new address for you. Move far away from friends, family and employers. It is important not to tell about your new name or where you are to persons who are not important for you. This will lessen the chance that someone who knows your previous identity will create some problem for you.


Change your name: A new name is the first and the most important step in changing your identity. To change your name you must follow the law and order of the state where you are residing. Laws vary from state to state, but the overall process is generally the same in the USA. You must have the court’s permission to legally change your name. Consider adopting a name that suggests your ancestry is different. For instance, you can choose a first and last name associated with a particular country. To get the court order, you need to fill out some important forms, such as a petition to legally change your name, an order granting name change and the reasons behind it, a notice of petition to the public and an affidavit of consent. Once you submit the forms along with the necessary documents, a judge or magistrate will review your forms and grant the name change permission.


Change your Social Security Number: After you change your name, the next step is to change your Social Security Number. Not everyone can request for a new Social Security Number. In short, there are two options like stolen identity and domestic violence. Law enforcement agencies can provide you with the documented evidence you need to take to the Social Security Administration. You need to apply in person and your application will be reviewed and cross checked with other authorities before it is approved. Once your application is approved, you will be assigned with a new Social Security Number.


Apply for Other Documents: The other main forms of ID in the US are birth certificate, passport, driving license and so on. You must get new IDs having your new name and new address. The rule differs from agency to agency and you may also need to pay some fees. Open new bank accounts and apply for new Credit Cards. Learn what information and identification is needed when opening an account and how it is verified and then apply for the same.


Learn New Things: Start using your new name and identity. Build a story about your past and profession as when someone asks you about it you have some answers with you. Having a new identity is not a joke as you need to start from scratch. You must keep your credit history or employment history secret form others. Learn some new things like adopt a new hairstyle, take up a new hobby, change your doctor, and register for new club memberships.


Keep a low profile: It is always important to bear in mind that you cannot change your identity completely. There will be some agencies that will have a record of your identity change, and in case you get arrested, sued or attract the attention of the media, then you might face some problem. 


Well, this is how you can change your identity to some extent but there is always some risk associated with it. No matter, how carefully you are there are many things associated with your past identity that might come up in future and put your life in danger. So if you wish to go for a new identity, you must change your name legally, move far away, take up a different profession and start a new life. It will be better for you if you can create a new persona for yourself -from the way you dress up to your accent and profession too.

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