How to Change Your Name after Marriage

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Marriage is a wonderful phase of life and many people choose to change their name after getting married. Changing your name after you get married is an old tradition that has been around for a long time. Well, there is no legal obligation to change your name after marriage but still many prefer to do so. Some people choose to change their last names by taking on their spouse’s last name, and some prefer to use a combination of their existing last name and their spouse’s last name. There are also some who want to a totally new last name for themselves! No matter what you decide, it is important to know the whole procedure to change your name legally after marriage. Incorrect method can be bad for your image as it can get you into some legal problem. So, here is the simple procedure to make your decision to change your name after marriage official.


Get Copies of Marriage Certificate: It is important to register your marriage as until you are officially married you cannot change your name legally after marriage. After the registration is done, make some extra copies of your marriage certificate. This is the first step towards the whole procedure of name change after marriage. In some of the US states, you get two options – a short-form marriage certificate or a long-form marriage certificate. It is advisable to opt for long-form marriage certificate as it contains your parents’ information and places of birth. This certificate will be of great help in long run. For a man who wishes to change his name after marriage, it is important to see if there is a space in the marriage certificate to indicate a name change. If not, he will need court papers to legally change his name after marriage. In the United States, only seven states allow a man to change his family name after marriage without the formal legal process and associated fees mandated for any name change. This is not necessary in the case of a woman.


Know the Procedure: Before you go for the actual paper works, it is essential for you to understand the whole procedure. You can check out the official website or other related sites to know the details about what paper you need to submit, how much time it will take and so on. You can also call the Social Security Administration office to obtain forms and instructions.


Visit Social Security Administration office: The Social Security office is the place where you need to submit the necessary documents to change your name legally after marriage. Bring a copy of your ID with you and your marriage certificate. Fill the necessary forma and submit the necessary documents along with it. For more information visit here. Once you have applied for your name change, it will take some time for the whole procedure. The Social Security Administration will notify the Internal Revenue Service about your desire to change your name after marriage. This is important because if you file a tax return with your new name without the IRS being notified, your return will be rejected. You will be notified by Social Security Administration body once your name is changed successfully. It is important to make changes in your Social Security card to avoid any sort of inconvenience in future.


Update Driving License: Once your name is changed, it is time to notify about the same to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or equivalent. Check out the DMV website of your state and fill up the necessary forms. Also find out what documents will be required in order to certify the validity of your name change. Be sure to have your marriage certificate when with you visit the office personally. It is necessary so that you show them some proof and request them to update all your information. If you have a new address after your marriage, change your address too in your Driving License.


Change your Passport: Get a Passport Amendment/Validation Application and fill the form. Submit the same along with necessary fees, your current passport, and a certified documentation of your name to the nearest passport agency. Your passport is the most important document and to change your name in the passport, it will take some time.  It is advisable not to apply for a change in name in your passport unless you have the marriage certificate in your hand. You can plan your honeymoon with your old passport only for the time being.


Update with Other Agencies: Once you have updated the necessary changes in your name in your Social Security Number and Driving License, you must change your name with all other agencies such as Place of Employment, Banks, Credit Card Companies, Insurance Companies, Doctors, Utility Companies, Cell Phone Company, Alumni Associations and Club Memberships.


Make Formal Announcement: Once the legal procedure is over, it is time to inform your family members, friends and close associated about the change in your name. You can make the announcement using stationery or thank-you cards with your new name printed on them. You can even make an announcement about the change in your local newspaper. This is important as people will start referring you with your new name in future.


Well, this is the simple procedure to change your name after marriage. Most people start the process after their honeymoon, but you can opt for the change anytime after your marriage. 

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